Looking for a movie-passionate developer to take over the project. Knowledge in C/C++ needed. Contact me through my Facebook.
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Issue No.TitleSubmittedPriorityStatus
#1234Statistics without Wish List14 May '102 (High)Open
#1186MPAA ratings not found16 Feb '101 (Highest)Closed
#1166Some titles not found in German4 Jan '101 (Highest)Closed
#1146Info shows up incorrectly when run over network6 Nov '091 (Highest)Closed
#1130Relative paths not always working27 Sep '092 (High)Closed
#1107Connection Timeout14 Aug '091 (Highest)Closed
#1095Missing characters in saved Wiki articles4 Jul '091 (Highest)Closed
#1094Unicode in actor names28 Jun '091 (Highest)Closed
#1092Covers get removed on edit28 Jun '091 (Highest)Closed
#1079XML won't import Genres31 Mar '091 (Highest)Closed
#1076Add Movie gets connection error30 Mar '091 (Highest)Closed
#1066Wiki won't load anymore25 Jan '091 (Highest)Closed
#1059[DE] Wenig Suchergebnisse im Internet4 Dec '081 (Highest)Closed
#1054[DE] Daten aus dem Internet nicht gefunden18 Nov '081 (Highest)Closed
#1048Backup for episodes14 Oct '081 (Highest)Closed
#1047Links won't open anymore13 Oct '081 (Highest)Closed
#1040Localize export files27 Sep '082 (High)Closed
#1035Actor pictures mixed up in list20 Sep '081 (Highest)Closed
#1034No covers when searching20 Sep '081 (Highest)Closed
#1029Year isn't downloaded3 Sep '081 (Highest)Closed
#1017PDF export can create misalignments26 Jul '083 (Normal)Open
#1013No tooltips for CoverView buttons23 May '081 (Highest)Closed
#1007VirtualFlip rotated covers are distorted18 May '083 (Normal)Open

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